Classical Chinese Medicine for the Modern Clinic

Classes Taught by Dr. Eran Even, Ph.D, Dr.TCM

Various classes will be offered, heavily steeped in the Classical Chinese Medical tradition. Classes will be engaging, thought provoking, and clinically relevant, as my mission is to bring the classics to life, making them applicable in the modern clinic.

Classes will be based on my many years of classical studies, textual research, translation, and clinical practice.

The classes offered will provide a clear, concise, and deep understanding of the medical classics, which will not only serve to reinforce the importance of returning to the classics in order to utilize the incredible potential this medicine holds, but also to increase ones overall clinical effectiveness. 

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When will someone actually study the Bencao, investigate the Neijing, become familiar with the Shang Han and Jingui? Then they can come out and correct these abuses so that people can live out their lives. The problem is all because those who study medicine are poor and not scholars, they use it just to clothe and feed themselves, so they memorize a few formulas and start practice, going no farther in looking for other methods. That’s the cause of all the problems.

Xu Dachun (Lingtai)

Affiliated with the International Jingfang Institute of the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine