Classical Chinese Medicine for the Modern Clinic

Classes Taught by Dr. Eran Even, Ph.D, Dr.TCM

Various classes will be offered, heavily steeped in the Classical Chinese Medical tradition. Classes will be engaging, thought provoking, and clinically relevant, as my mission is to bring the classics to life, making them applicable in the modern clinic.

Classes will be based on my extensive years of Chinese medical studies, rigorous textual research, translation work, clinical experience, and intensive apprenticeship with my esteemed teacher, Professor Huáng Huáng (黄煌), of the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.

These courses aim to impart a clear, concise, and deep understanding of the medical classics. Their purpose is twofold: first, to underscore the significance of revisiting these foundational texts to unlock the immense potential of this medicine, and second, to enhance participants' overall clinical effectiveness.

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All classes approved by Professor Huáng Huáng (黄煌) and affiliated with the International Jingfang Institute of the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

“As a newer practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I'm finding Eran's courses to be completely accessible, very informative, and super inspiring! His approach makes learning about the Classics enjoyable and relevant for those who've been in practice for many years, as well as those who are just starting out. Eran is deeply passionate about his work, which comes through in his teaching, and he does a great job of keeping the material engaging throughout each course. I could certainly go on, but I highly recommend this program to anyone considering studying Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine.”

Lila B.

“If you can’t go to China, you can study with Eran Even!"

"We can’t all leave our lives to go apprentice and study for extended periods with renown scholars in China, but we can all study with Eran Even! I highly recommend his formula family classes as described by Dr. Huang. Through the jumping off point of constitutional body types, you are taken through a deeper study of how to differentiate related formulas informed by Eran Even’s clinical experience. He includes valuable case studies in the classes and provides outside of class support through a class forum on Facebook. ”

Ann Cleary