This class takes a deep dive into the Fuzi formula family. The introductory section discusses;

  • The Historical usage of the herbs 
  • Body Type/Constitution
  • Presentation and Constitutional Tendencies
  • Key Tongue & Pulse Findings
  • Abdomen and other key diagnostic features. 

Afterwards, we delve into the key formulas, which feature their presentation, diagnostic features, and clinical applications. Case histories are used throughout illustrating their usage in the modern clinic. In keeping with the premise that these classes will be based not only on clinical experience but also on actual textual research, all relevant lines from the Shanghan Zabinglun are highlighted and covered, with discussions on key symptoms, signs, physiology, pathology, herbal flavours and dynamics, complex terminology, etc. 

In addition, various theoretical concepts are introduced and discussed with relevant passages provided from other canonical works such as the Huangdi Neijing, Nanjing, Shennong Bencaojing, as well as various commentaries from the last 1800 years.  The objective of this class is to provide a level of confidence to the student in the usage and applications of these important and extremely beneficial formulas. 

The formulas covered include:

Fu Zi Formula Family 

Si Ni Tang

Zhen Wu Tang

Fu Zi Li Zhong Tang

Fu Zi Xie Xin Tang

Fu Zi Tang

Tian Xiong San 

Course Components

    1. Fu Zi Formula Family Slides

    2. Fu Zi Formula Family 1

    3. Fu Zi Formula Family 2

    4. Fu Zi Formula Family 3

    5. Fu Zi Formula Family Q & A

  • $175.00
  • 4 hours of video content
  • Lifetime access to videos and slides
  • Canadian Practitioners are eligible for CE credits

“Fu Zi - An indispensable herb"

"Eran has an incredible way of presenting material on this revered and often feared herb. He emphasizes safety alongside clinical efficacy. We learned some important formulas, ones that I can't wait to prescribe in the coming months of practice. There is no one I'd rather study herbs and Classical medicine with. He is a treasure in our profession.” Paula Woodward

“Fabulous Fuzi!!"

"This is such an illuminating class about how to use Fuzi confidently in the clinic! Eran weaves in so much history, classical physiology, formula presentations, clinical tidbits, and more to give you a well-rounded understanding of when and how to use a Fuzi formula, and to identify a Fuzi constitution. These classes are packed with clinically relevant information and leave you confident to immediately apply the information into your clinical practice. A+++++!! Thank you, Eran!!"” Kylie Rodger