This course offers comprehensive coverage of the first 10 key herbs presented in our Formula Family series. The herbs and their respective formulas covered include;

  • Guizhi
  • Mahuang
  • Chaihu
  • Banxia
  • Huangqi
  • Fuzi
  • Ganjiang
  • Fuling
  • Shigao
  • Huanglian

Each class provides an in-depth exploration of a specific herb, starting with introductory sections that delve into its;

  • Historical usage
  • Body type/constitution
  • Presentation and constitutional tendencies
  • Key tongue and pulse findings, as well as abdominal and other significant diagnostic features.

Subsequently, we delve into the essential formulas associated with each herb family. These sessions focus on their presentation, diagnostic features, and clinical applications. Throughout the course, case histories are used to illustrate the modern clinical usage of these formulas. To ensure that the classes are grounded in both clinical experience and rigorous textual research, all relevant lines from the Shanghan Zabinglun are highlighted and covered. In addition, we cover key symptoms, signs, physiology, pathology, herbal flavors and dynamics, as well as complex terminology.

Moreover, I introduce various theoretical concepts and provide relevant passages from other canonical works such as the Huangdi Neijing, Nanjing, Shennong Bencaojing, and commentaries spanning the last 1800 years. The objective of this class is to instill a high level of confidence in students regarding the usage and applications of these important and immensely beneficial formulas.

In total, over 60 formulas are covered and thoroughly discussed. 

Course curriculum

    1. Gui Zhi Slides

    2. Gui Zhi 1

    3. Gui Zhi 2

    4. Gui Zhi 3

    5. Gui Zhi Q&A

    1. Ma Huang Slides

    2. Ma Huang 1

    3. Ma Huang 2

    4. Ma Huang Q&A

    1. Chai Hu Slides

    2. Chai Hu 1

    3. Chai Hu 2

    4. Chai Hu Q&A

    1. Ban Xia Slides

    2. Ban Xia 1

    3. Ban Xia 2

    4. Ban Xia Q&A

    1. Huang Qi Slides

    2. Huang Qi 1

    3. Huang Qi 2

    4. Huang Qi Q&A

    1. Fu Zi Slides

    2. Fu Zi 1

    3. Fu Zi 2

    4. Fu Zi 3

    5. Fu Zi Q&A

About this course

  • $999.00
  • 33 hours of video content
  • Lifetime access to videos & slides
  • Canadian Practitioners are eligible for CE credits