Course Description

This class takes a deep dive into the Cháihú 柴胡 formula family. The introductory section discusses:

  • The historical usage of the herbs 
  • Body type/constitution
  • Presentation and constitutional tendencies
  • Key tongue and pulse findings
  • Abdomen and other key diagnostic features. 

Afterwards, we delve into the key formulas for the family, which features their presentation, diagnostic features, and clinical applications. Case histories are used throughout illustrating their usage in the modern clinic. In keeping with the premise that these classes are based not only on clinical experience but also on actual textual research, all relevant lines from the Shānghán Zábìng Lùn 傷寒雜病論 are highlighted and covered, with discussions on key symptoms, signs, physiology, pathology, herbal flavours and dynamics, complex terminology, etc. 

In addition, various theoretical concepts are introduced and discussed with relevant passages provided from other canonical works such as the Huángdì Nèijīng 黃帝內經, Nánjīng 難經, Shénnóng Běncǎo Jīng 神農本草經, as well as various commentaries from the last 1800 years.  The objective of this class is to provide a level of confidence to the student in the usage and applications of these important and extremely beneficial formulas. 

The formulas covered include:

Cháihú 柴胡 Formula Family 

  • Xiao Chaihu Tang
  • Da Chaihu Tang
  • Chaihu Guizhi Tang
  • Chaihu Guizhi Ganjiang Tang
  • Chaihu Jia Longgu Muli Tang
  • Si Ni San

Course Curriculum

    1. Chaihu 1

    2. Chaihu 2

    3. Chaihu Q & A

    4. Chaihu Slides

  • $199.00
  • 4 hours of video content
  • Lifetime access to videos and slides
  • Canadian Practitioners are eligible for CE credits

“Great information in a digestible format"

"Eran is able to compress and express his years of experience in a digestible format that is nicely interwoven with classically and clinically informed wisdom. I highly recommend his classes to anyone that is looking to increase their herbal efficiency in the clinic. ” Alison Morgan, L. Ac.

“Immensely Valuable Course!"

"Eran's Chaihu course is immensely valuable for the modern clinical practice! The course is absolutely packed with clinical gems and he really brings the formulas to life so you can immediately understand how to start using them with your patients. Eran's courses are fun, engaging, and endlessly fascinating. His embodiment of using this medicine shines through and we are extremely fortunate to be able to learn from him. If you want a deeper understanding of shaoyang and Chaihu, you will be bursting with joy that you took this course! ” Kylie Rodger

“Clinically the most helpful class ever!"

"I have used more Chai Hu formulas since taking this class then I have in 18 years, you cannot afford to miss this class!” Kiki Colgan

“Incredibly helpful"

"Dr. Even is such a gifted teacher and is so incredibly knowledgeable. He opened my eyes to other ways of using Chai Hu — the discussion around Chai hu itself not removing heat but simply opening pathways for heat to be drained was particularly great. Thanks for an amazing course.” Floyd Miller