Powdered formulas have been used in Chinese Herbal Medicine since at least the Han Dynasty, if not longer. For example, several of the formulas found in Zhang Zhongjing’s Shanghan Zabinglun were administered as powders (Sān 散).  This class discusses the history of powder usage, the clinical implications, supportive research, and the tools required to set up a powder pharmacy. Several questions were raised and answered at the end of the class, which should help elucidate the concept further.

What are some of the concepts covered in this class?

  • Why use powdered herbs in clinic?

  • Historical usage

  • Research

  • Tools of the trade and how to get started

    1. The Use of Herbal Powders in the Modern Clinic

    2. The Use of Herbal Powders in the Modern Clinic - Handouts

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